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5 ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Getting fit and staying fit is tough. We would all love to have that permanent state of fitness euphoria but its very short lasting and thats if you can find it. For the best of us its about getting out of bed in the morning and having a conversation with yourself about what you want to try and do. For me, setting small goals is key. Trying not to get big ideas in my head which ultimately become unachievable and allowing each small step in my fitness goals to become part of a routine. For instance, having a really simple wakeup routine before getting in the shower including bodyweight squats, lunges, press ups and some dynamic leg and arm movements. Nothing to heavy, just enough to say 'Good morning, lets go!'

Next aim is to get hydrated. Lying in bed drains the body and having a good long glass of water before coffee and breakfast wakes up your internal systems in prep for whats to come. Remaining dehydrated is a disaster to your organs, so dont go there. Keep water on your mind and set your daily targets. Its good to aim for around 2 to 2.5 litres a day. If your very active you will need more. If you feel thirsty, your behind the curve. Keep on this one as you will achieve better alround mental and physical performance if you are on top this.

Set out a weekly exercise plan based around your life. There are so many things that can knock this one but at least having some sort of time plan helps. Being disciplined is great and commited to the cause but we are only human and stuff gets in the way. Lots of it.

Are you a morning or evening person. Perhaps you only get the chance at weekends. Something is better than nothing. Ultimately match your exercise to your energy levels and plan it in.

Keep your fitness at the front of your thinking. Read about it, talk about it, watch it. Don't be boring on the subject but build it into how your mind works. That way its not a mental struggle and you will find that the sum of all the fitness parts are easier to find. There is some great content out there to help your thoughts about exercise and how to go about it. Taking an interest in the subject is ok, it's part of you.

Lastly, keep your routines fresh and interesting. Do something different. Keeping on the same old same old, means your body and mind will become static. Varying routines, sets, reps etc. challenges you in different ways and your body has to adjust to manage what you ask it to do. Don't over do stuff and allow good recovery time; including sleep.

Hope some of this thinking helps. it's easy to get stuck and lose your way, I see it all the time. That's why I do what I do. I love getting into the mix of what makes us tick and sharing that with my clients.

Have fun with fitness and enjoy your health. - Jes

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