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Bring me Sunshine

The weather makes so much difference to our lives. So far spring has not matched upto its achievements of last year. With cooler weather and heavy showers its tricky to plan outdoor activity and enjoy getting about. But as my friends say, dress for the weather so you wont be disappointed. How true. !!

Many of us have entered into taking a walk as a regular part of exercise. The benefits are many fold, not to mention getting some fresh air and daylight on our faces. Walking helps blood circulation and can to a degree strengthen bones. Being generally active improves our cardiovascular system and pulmonary fitness and thus helps improve conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and additionally eases joint pain or stiffness. Very importantly it helps improve our mood. Having a sense of purpose as simple as planning and commiting to a walk, brings on a sense of wellbeing. Doing something for yourself which has great benefits to your mental health.

You may even walk with others and share the experience. In the fitness world its well recorded that exercising with a partner helps you to achieve your goals and can through their support help us

maintain a healthier lifestyle.

So lets go out and get a lungfull of fresh air, give the world, as we come out of lockdown, a good view and take a positive step forward to improved health.

One step leads to another and before you know it your getting your mojo back and into the groove again.

For a discussion on how to take this step, however big or small, give me a call or contact me via chat or email and lets talk. After all what could be better than a walk and a talk.

For your best in Health .


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