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Its been an amazing week. People who normally only give a cursory glance are greeting you like a long lost friend (socially distanced of course). Big smiles all round, warm greetings of "its great to be back"......... and it really is !!!

Getting back into the gym environment is challenging, physically and mentally. The general comments of "i,ve put weight on" and "i,ve lost all my fitness" and

"i,m struggling to get motivated", have been prevalent. Anxiety is high and the attempt to do some exercise feels daunting as the joints and muscles creak back into action and we are amongst people again.

But overall there is a sensation of I,m here, lets do this. Which is brilliant from a fitness coaches perspective. That enthusiam is a powerful tool and infectious as we join like minded souls in class and on the gym floor.

But caution is needed as enthusiasm can lead to injury or un-wanted muscular/joint pain when you try to re create previous endevours of physical activity. Which may set you back.

The key is to take it slow and steady and build back up your physical resilience. The body doesnt like shocks and will let you know through DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and potentially pain from trying to do too much at an early phase. Ease your way back in by lowering your intensity, reducing your ambitions on the weights and be more sensible about your sets and reps. Dont just throw yourself back in to what you were doing before lockdown.

However doing something is better than doing nothing as this can help you build the foundations for moving forward in your fitness. Taking expert advice is also a good plan and getting a tailored fitness program can help you overcome some of the many returning to fitness hurdles.

Give me a call or email me and I will be happy to help guide you back to better health, fitness and a new zest for your training.

Be kind to yourself. Jes

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