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Post Covid Recovery

Its been an immensly difficult period for many people especially if you have unfortunately suffered from catching the virus or been in the position to have to care for someone who has been ill. Covid effects you in many various ways and and at different levels. Its not just the physical aspect of the virus but the mental impact aswell. This is very true for those who are experiencing long covid and the impact it is having on relationships, family, work and social life.

Whilst staying fit and healthy

have obvious benefits for coping and managing any illness, the overall effects are random for each individual. So what do you do when thinking about your personal well being and navigating your way back to an improved state of hea

lth. Being away from exercise and training is tough, however taking time to recover, planning and eating a nutritious diet, staying well hydrated and consideration for increasing essential vitamins and minerals is a step in the right direction.

Having a positive mindset also aids the recovery process and seeing time out as an opportunity to refocus and strategise about a new fitness program or even a new direction for your health and fitness journey could be key.

The main aim is to take your time. After the impact of a debiltating illness there is no benefit to trying to

race back to where you were prior to being ill. Reducing the amount of time training in the gym or at home, lowering the stress on the body by reducing weights and levels of intensity and a gradual build up, enables your nervous system to cope with the renewed activity and will potentially decrease the chances of prolonging illness or causing injury when pushing back.

There is no simple or single direction to getting this absolutely right and listening to your body and being gentle

on your mental and physical state will in the longer term do you no harm. The run up to Christmas is also a challenging time so reinvigorating your health and managing your fitness and exercise regime will keep you strong and in better shape for the festivities.

Keep well and stay positve

Jes Spencer

Lifecycle Fitness

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