ONLINE: Group Fitnesss Sessions - £5 pp

Group fitness sessions over video call covering all bases; cardiovasular, strength and endurance improvment and mobility. Classes run on demand . 

ONLINE: Fitness Consultation via video - No  charge

Via video call, we can discuss at length your needs with the goal of developing your fitness from within the comfort of your home.

This online meeting would determine your current state of health and focus on creating a home workout and away from the gym environment.

Call or email today to find out more.

Sports Massage - £45

Sports massage uses various techniques to offer relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation for clients. Manipulation of soft tissue can also help prevent injury and maintain good athletic performance. A thorough massage can boost circulation and the immune system, help combat fatigue and aid the reduction in swelling around injuries / joints. Great for everyday life, the fitness enthusiast or the sports performer.

Injury Management and Rehabilitation - £50

These are specialist sessions that are designed to get you back into top form after an injury. These are specific to your needs and physiology - so get in touch for a friendly consultation here: 07587 223 772

In the saddle Monday/Wednesday/Friday
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Spin is an intense indoor cycling experience that blasts your cardio and burns fat.. Cycle to uber soundtracks that really push you along   ....

Get involved, part of the Braywick Leisure Centre and Leisure Focus indoor cycling program


Address: Braywick Leisure Centre, Maidenhead