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Going for Silver not Gold

I heard a comment the other day about age and it was about "moving into the autumn of our lives". I enjoyed the expression and it left me thinking about what we feel about our fitness as we get older.

For some, fitness and strength remain an integral part of life, especially if you work in a physical job. For others you may feel frail or having little fitness to cope with everyday life.

Theres a vast group in between of course but we all need to keep a careful eye on how we feel, especially if there are underlying health issues. We all have a story to tell about our lives, what we have achieved and how. I am always drawn to life stories of sports and physical accomplishments and particularly how that made the individual feel.

But as we age, being able to sustain fitness and good health become more challenging irrespective of our former selves. I coach all age groups and there is a common thread across how we all feel about fitness and that is, it is easily lost. If you want to be reasonable at something or sustain a particular level you have to invest time and effort. You have to mentally attach yourself to achievable goals and keep them in focus. Small gains is key and recognising the milestones when you get there.

Our body needs to move, encompassing all parts: joints,muscles, tendons,ligaments etc. Our hearts need exercise and elevation of heart rate through cardio vascular exercise is beneficial to cardiac health. Exercise is invigourating and a stimulus to an improved feeling of physical and mental wellbeing.

These might be obvious statements and hence as I mentioned, a positive mental approach and careful planning helps you stear a course to developing regular exercise patterns and the benefits that follow.

Under or over investment can also lead to problems. Too little and nothing is gained. Too much and the body may not be able to cope and break down. I prescibe little and often with progressive steady growth. Know when you get to where you want to be and then plan a sustainable mangeable exercise lifestyle.

If you want to know more, drop me a message and lets talk. Theres no time like the present especially if you are in The Autumn of your Life. Jes

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